Temple of the Soul
By John Holland

No matter how hard you may try to change the fact, you’re born with just one body in this lifetime. It may be thin, fat, small, large, toned, short, or tall. Whatever the shape, color, or size – you only get one. It’s yours forever, so accept and embrace it, and above all honor it.

This precious vehicle we call the body is the way that your soul expresses itself, and gets from place to place on its journey here in this dense molecular physical dimension. Research has proved that most people are less than satisfied with the body they were born with. Some spend a lifetime attempting to perfect it with exercise combined with a good healthy lifestyle, while others choose to surgically change it. If we could only see through the eyes of the Divine how beautiful we are, we would know it, and recognize it for what it truly is – a wondrous temple for the soul.

The body’s a miracle in itself and used properly, it can be a wonderful intuitive resource to tap into the power of the soul. Your body is your soul’s instrument to show the outside world the luminous light that emanates from within. It’s easy to tell when someone’s really happy, as they glow from the inside out.

The light literally radiates from them, and it’s a joy to step into their space (their aura) and bask in their positive energy. Think of the number of times that someone has told you: “You’re beaming!”  The body and soul are constantly striving to live, work and journey through this life in perfect harmony, just like perfectly formed bookends. They dance together as though they were always meant to partner each other.


Originally posted December 8, 2013 on omtimes.com/2013/12/temple-of-the-soul/